Pool Deck Problems in Florida

Do you have a cracking or uneven concrete pool deck? Settling concrete is not rare in Florida and is often a result of shifting soil. It can occur in any concrete surface including driveways, sidewalks, and concrete steps. If you notice settlement, contact our experts today. Don’t let uneven concrete pool decks become a tripping hazard and lower your property value. At Foundation Pros of Florida, we offer innovative pool deck leveling to restore your uneven concrete surface back to normal.

pool deck leveling stops settlement in floridaWhat causes pool deck settlement in Florida? Some of the most common causes of settlement are due to poor workmanship. Other factors include:

  • Inadequate soil compaction
  • Improper drainage
  • Landscaping settlement
  • Soil washout due to heavy rain and underground water
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Poor construction
  • Foundation settlement

Regardless of the reason for your settling pool deck, Foundation Pros of Florida can repair it.  We’ll stop settlement before it gets worst.

Pool Deck Leveling Solutions in Florida

pool deck leveling involves permeation grouting in floridaThere are ways homeowners can help prevent sinking pool decks. Take preventative measures to head off settling pool deck concrete such as:

  • Repair and install proper downspout extensions
  • Add topsoil to create a proper grade away from the house
  • Clean gutters by removing leaves and debris

If these preventative measures don’t work, contact our experts today. We offer pool deck leveling solutions to fill voids before they expand and crack. We’ll lift and stabilize pool deck concrete surfaces back in place.

Our pool deck leveling methods include compaction and permeation grouting. These two methods use Prime Flex polyurethane foams and gels to stabilize your soil. With permeation grouting, liquid resin is pumped into the soil so that the resin permeates the ground before reacting. The soil and resin create a solid, impermeable mass in the ground that increases the load bearing capacity of the soil.

With compaction grouting, polyurethane foam is injected into loose soil. As the foam expands, it compacts the soils and increases the load bearing capacity.

For pool deck leveling in Florida, contact Foundation Pros of Florida. We serve the Jacksonville, Lake City and surrounding areas. Contact us today for an estimate.