If you live in Orange County, FL, chances are, you have a pool or you know someone nearby who has a pool. Because pools are so common in the area, or local team specializes in pool deck repair as well as foundation repair.

Just as the concrete slab that makes up your foundation might sink or settle due to voids forming underneath, the concrete slab that makes up your pool deck might sink or settle. These are some of the problems that you might see developing in your pool deck:pool deck repair Orange County, FL

  • Settlement or sinking
  • Uneven or sloped concrete
  • Crack formation
  • Slabs shifting or pulling apart

Problems such as these might be caused by ground movement, concrete slabs that are too heavy, changing weather, salt exposure, or poor pool construction. These issues could cause cracks to form in the pool itself, which can lead to expensive fixes. In addition, pool deck settlement or cracks could create a tripping hazard. This can be particularly dangerous for children playing near the pool, as they can trip and fall into the pool.

Keep your family safe and prevent unnecessary expenses by investing in pool deck repair from the experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida.

Pool Deck Repair for the Orlando, FL Area

In order to fix pool deck issues in your Florida home, our team has to find a way to lift and stabilize the slabs that make up the pool deck. Normally, we use one of our professional grouting techniques to do this.

The first technique, permeation grouting, is a slow process that utilizes polyurethane foam injected beneath the pool deck. The foam permeates the soil, filling in all gaps and voids, and then expands to push the slab back to the proper level. Once the foam is expanded and cured, the soil is effectively tightened to prevent further settlement or sinking.

The next technique is called compaction grouting and is similar to permeation grouting. In this method, the foam expands as it is injected beneath the concrete. This process is quicker, and the foam fills in spaces and compacts the soil as it is injected beneath the slab.

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Whichever method ends up working best for your pool deck, we will make sure the area is properly repaired before leaving. Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida as soon as you see signs of an issue in your Orlando area pool deck to prevent tripping and damage to the pool.