Private Property Sinkholes

Sinkholes are by far one of the most scary and intimidating obstacles that you might face as a homeowner.  Living in Florida, the chances of you having to deal with such issues is much higher than living in other parts of the country. We understand your desire for a government agency’s help with sinkhole repair, however there is just no such agency that exists.  The government views private property sinkholes as the responsibility of the homeowner.  It is always a good idea to check with  your property insurance provider, in some cases they might cover the cost of sinkhole evaluation and repair.  If you are turned down by your insurance, this doesn’t mean you are out of options. There are extremely reliable companies out there that specialize in sinkhole and foundation repair.  Foundation Professionals of Florida is one of them, call us today! See what we can do for you.

Foundation Professionals of Florida is your go to source for information and services on sinkholes and foundation repair.  Often times sinkholes and erosion of soil will leave the foundation of your home weak and dysfunctional.  When you call us we will send a highly trained structural engineer to evaluate your home and take exact measurements, this way we can determine exactly how much your home has been effected by the sinkhole.  Once that is done we will go about restoring the stability of the soil, as well as returning the integrity to your foundation.  Our solution to sinkholes is a completely natural grout formula, the grout is made up of minerals already found in the soil; by using this grout we avoid the possible pollution of ground water sources.  We will take everything into consideration when repairing your home because we understand that every home is different.  Call us today! We will get the job done right the first time.