Foundation Professionals of Florida is a leader in foundation repair in the Alabama service area. Most foundations in Alabama are called slab on grade. That is, a single continuous layer of concrete that is directly on the ground. Climate conditions and the weather in Alabama can be the cause of foundation problems within that surface. The foundation and connection to walls must be strong enough to support the weight of the house and its contents, but to prevent the home from being blown away in high winds.

How does Alabama’s weather and climate impact your foundation? Alabama, which is in our service area, experiences wide temperature fluctuations, frequent thunderstorms, and high humidity. The high water content causes settling within a red clay soil. If you begin to notice doors and windows that struggle to open and close it would be wise to give us a call about foundation settlement repair, mudjacking, or even wall stabilization. Allowing dampness to enter your home may cause damages to your home or even affect the air that you breathe.

Sinkhole Repair in Alabama

Sinkholes are a common feature in Alabama and other cities within our service area. The southern US has a layer of limestone beneath the surface soil. Limestone is a type of rock that is slowly dissolved by the natural acids found in the rain. This unstable surface can threaten any structure or form of nature that is depending upon it for stability.

If you suspect sinkhole activity on your property, we specialize in sinkhole repair solutions. Our methods include compaction grouting and void filling. Both methods are designed to firm up loose soil, close the sinkhole, and prevent foundation issues in the future.

Why Contact Foundation Professionals of FL?

We are your sinkhole and foundation repair experts in Alabama. We have worked to earn your trust. Let us repair any foundation problems you may have encountered. We can return your home or business to its original stable, sturdy structure. With our quality team of experts, we can improve the value and resale price of your home by offering our services. We also serve the cities of Lake City, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville, and the surrounding areas. Call us today for an estimate.