Foundation Professionals of Florida is your number one source for expert, licensed foundation repair and sinkhole repair in the state of Florida. We offer both residential and commercial solutions for home and business owners throughout the state. Conditions in Florida – dry spells, humidity, sinkholes, and erosion near coastlines – can cause a wide array of foundation problems and structural failure in your building. If you start to see signs of a foundation problem in your home, be sure to contact us right away for a free quote.

Foundation Repair and Sinkhole Repair in Florida

The services that we offer in Florida include foundation repair to lift and stabilize foundations that have started sinking due to soil erosion, hydrostatic pressure in the soil, or concrete issues. If you see foundation cracks, settlement, sloped floors, or other unusual structural issues in your home, you are probably in need of foundation piering services. We install steel push piers or helical piers to fix problems in your home. These piering devices are installed under your foundation to lift and stabilize it from underneath, ensuring that further issues do not arise.

In addition to piering for foundation repair, we offer sinkhole grouting to fill any sinkholes around your home. This method of sinkhole remediation utilizes a polyurethane grout, which is injected into the sinkhole underneath or near your home, to fill the hole and compact the soil around the sinkhole, making the entire area more stable. We also offer seawall repair for those located along a coastline or near a major body of water. The cities that we provide service to include those listed below.