Foundation Repair Hialeah, Florida

Foundation Repair Hialeah, FloridaHialeah gets about 20 inches more rain than the national annual average. Because the city experiences a wet season, much of its rainfall comes during a few short months. This can cause some foundation issues for Hialeah buildings. When a lot of rainfall comes in a little amount of time, the ground becomes overly saturated. When this happens, the saturated soils place what is called hydrostatic pressure on a home’s foundation. If this pressure surpasses the load that the foundation was built to withstand, it will eventually crack. These cracks can allow water, insects, and unwanted critters into your home.

If you notice this happening or if you want to avoid the problem altogether, contact us.

Additional Services in Hialeah, Florida

Seawall & Lake wall Repair Hialeah, Florida

If you have a seawall or lake wall to protect your yard, home, and foundation from the effects of beach erosion, it is important to check over the seawall for any damage. Damage to your seawall could result in foundation problems like settlement or crack formation due to the movement of soil. Look for the following signs to determine if you are in need of seawall repair:

  • Bowing or leaning
  • Horizontal or vertical cracks
  • Crumbling or deterioration
  • Outward movement

If you see these issues, call us for a repair option. We are experts in both targeted grout injection and helical anchor seawall repair options.

Sinkhole Repair Hialeah, Florida

Sinkholes are a real concern for Florida residents. Watch for misaligned and sticking doors and windows and keep an eye out for unusual or a large number of cracks in your floors and walls – these are signs of a sinkhole. Sloping floors and bowing or leaning walls are another potential sign. If you notice any of these in your home, give us a call. We will inspect your home and determine what the cause of the problem is.

If we determine that you may have a sinkhole problem, we specialize in compaction grouting to firm up the loose soil that can cause sinkholes. Remember that even a small sinkhole can be a huge nightmare if you own a home or business. If you see the signs of a sinkhole, call the Hialeah, Florida sinkhole experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida today.

Contact us to help with your foundation repair, seawall repair, and sinkhole repair needs in Hialeah, Florida.