Foundation Repair Hollywood, Florida

seawall erosion Foundation Repair Hollywood, FloridaThe city of Hollywood, FL is a part of the tropical monsoon climate. While most days are sunny in Hollywood, summer afternoons are often filled with thunderstorms bringing short but heavy downpours. In fact, most of Hollywood’s annual 55 inches of rain comes during this wet season. The heavy rains in Florida, while a nice break from the heat, can actually cause some issues for homes.

When the ground around your home becomes saturated, it can place hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. This usually isn’t a problem because the foundation can withstand the little amount of pressure. When a lot of rain falls in a short amount of time though, the ground becomes overly saturated. This puts more pressure on a foundation. If a load of pressure surpasses the amount your foundation was built to withstand, it may begin to crack. These cracks can let in unwanted things like water, insects, and even critters. We offer repair solutions for this issue – foundation underpinning solutions from ECP (Earth Contact Products). Contact us to find out which product is right for your home.

Additional Services in Hollywood, Florida

Seawall Repair Hollywood, Florida

Homes on the coast of Florida are at risk of damage due to coastal erosion. To prevent this from happening, it is important to have a seawall that keeps erosion from becoming a problem. If your seawall develops a problem, it could expose your home to the problem of erosion once again. Watch for the following issues in your seawall:

  • Bowing or leaning
  • Crumbling or deterioration
  • Outward movement
  • Horizontal or vertical cracks

If you see these issues, contact the seawall repair experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida. We can use targeted grout injection or install helical seawall anchors to stabilize the seawall near your Hollywood, FL home.

Sinkhole Repair Hollywood, Florida

Another thing to be aware of in your Hollywood home is the threat of sinkholes. Florida is known for its vulnerability to sinkholes because of its limestone terrain. Sinkholes are especially common after heavy rains, which often come during Florida summers. As this water moves underground, it dissolves the limestone, creating voids.

There are signs that a sinkhole might be forming beneath your home. Look for cracks in walls and floors, misaligned doors and windows, leaning walls, and sloping floors. If these are happening in your home, contact us for sinkhole remediation options. We specialize in compaction grouting to fill in the loose soil that can cause sinkholes.

Call us to help with your foundation repair, sinkhole repair, or seawall repair needs in Hollywood, Florida.