Foundation Professionals of Florida provides Foundation Repair and other services to Spring Hill, Florida and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free home foundation inspection if you are a Spring Hill homeowner.

We are a family owned and operated company with over 40 years experience and have served more than 10,000 happy customers. Foundation repairs in Spring Hill often include a combination of foundation pilings, compaction grouting, void filling, and more. We also repair bowing basement walls with wall anchor solutions and waterproofing methods. Another popular service we offer in Spring Hill is crawl space encapsulation or waterproofing. We welcome the opportunity to show you what we are all about.

Sinkhole Repair Spring Hill, Florida

foundation crack Spring Hill, FloridaThe soil in Florida is made up of limestone, which means that the entire state is in danger of sinkholes. Florida has the largest amount of sinkhole activity in the entire United States. Rainfall is acidic and when it flows through limestone, it forms cavities which causes the surface layer to sink into these cavities, known as sinkholes.

To determine if there is sinkhole activity around your property, it is important to know some of the signs. Some of these signs are:

  • Driveway cracks
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Leaning fence
  • Sloping floors
  • Floor cracks
  • Dead spots on the ground surface
  • Windows and doors that stick
  • Wall cracks

If you notice any of the signs of sinkhole activity around your property, it is important to have an expert come and inspect your home. Foundation Professionals of Florida adds stabilizing material to firm up loose soil and increase the density of the soil layers surrounding your structure. We have two methods for sinkhole repair – permeation grouting and compaction grouting – which prevents structural damage from sinkhole activity.

Additional Services in Spring Hill, Florida

Foundation Repair Spring Hill, Florida

Sinkhole repair spring hill, FL Foundation failure has some of the same signs as sinkhole activity. That is why it is important to have the experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida inspect your home and determine if these signs are caused by foundation failure or sinkhole activity. If we find that your foundation has started to settle or fail, we have the solutions to get it back to its original level and structurally sound.

We use underpinning products from ECP (Earth Contact Products) such as steel piers and helical piers. These piers are driven into the ground through unstable soil layers until they reach a sold soil layer. Then the entire structure is hydraulically lifted onto the piers to lift and stabilize your foundation. These piers will keep your foundation stabilized for many years to come.

Seawall & Lakewall Repair Spring Hill, Florida

Many homes and businesses in Florida are equipped with seawalls of lake walls to keep erosion from becoming an issue. Any damage to the sea or lake wall near your home means that the foundation could be susceptible to sinking or settlement as erosion causes voids to form under your home. This is why it is important to invest in seawall repair as soon as you see cracks, bowing or leaning, or outward movement.

We offer methods to stabilize the seawall and reposition is if it has shifted. These solutions include targeted grout injection and helical seawall anchors. Let us know right away if you have seawall issues and we will find the best solution for your home.

Contact our team now for professional seawall, foundation, and sinkhole repair options in the Spring Hill, FL area.