Foundation Professionals of Florida provides Foundation Repair and other services to St. Petersburg, Florida and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free home foundation inspection if you are a St. Petersburg homeowner.

We are a family owned and operated company with over 40 years experience and have served more than 10,000 happy customers. Foundation repairs in St. Petersburg often include a combination of foundation pilings, compaction grouting, void filling, and more. We also repair bowing basement walls with wall anchor solutions and waterproofing methods. Another popular service we offer in St. Petersburg is crawl space encapsulation or waterproofing. We welcome the opportunity to show you what we are all about.

Much of the plentiful rain in St. Petersburg, FL comes during a short time period. The weather patterns in St. Petersburg, though enjoyed by its citizens, can actually cause some foundation damage. During the rainy season in St. Petersburg, the ground can become extremely saturated. This saturation can place what is called hydrostatic pressure on a home’s foundation. If this pressure surpasses the load a foundation can hold, it will begin to crack.

These cracks can let in water, insects, and even critters. If you notice this type of issue happening during an especially rainy time, give us a call. We utilize Earth Contact Products underpinning products. These products are used to lift and level your foundation or slab. We will give you an estimate prior to starting your product so you will know the scope and cost of your foundation or slab repairs.

Additional Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

Seawall Repair St. Petersburg, Florida

seawall repair St. Petersburg, Florida

Seawall repair St. Petersburg, Florida

Because St. Petersburg is located on the coast, it is important for homes and businesses in the area to have a solid seawall. The seawall is a structure that prevents seawater from eroding the shore washing away the soil that supports your home’s foundation. That is why any damage to your seawall should be repaired as soon as possible. Our seawall repair solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Prevents erosion
  • Protects from water damage
  • Does not require excavation
  • Quick and efficient installation

We offer both targeted grout injection (to fill voids in the ground and stabilize seawalls) and helical seawall anchors (to pull them back into position) for seawall repair in St. Petersburg, FL. These solutions help to repair damage to the seawall and prevent structural issues from arising as a result of erosion.

Sinkhole Repair St. Petersburg, Florida

This rain can also raise another concern for Florida residents due to the excess of limestone in the soil, which is easily eroded by rain. Sinkholes are a serious issue in Florida, and heavy rainfall makes them even more likely to occur. If you notice signs like misaligned windows and doors, sloping floors, leaning walls, or cracks in your floors and walls in your St. Petersburg home, give us a ring.

We will inspect your home and determine whether or not you should be concerned about a sinkhole. We can even find a solution to sinkhole problems with our compaction grouting to fill in the loose soil beneath your home.

Call us for foundation, sinkhole, and seawall repair in St. Petersburg, FL.