jacksonville, fl location service areaOur Jacksonville location serves a wide radius surrounding the city of Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida. Being located near the Atlantic Coast and along the St. John’s River, Jacksonville is at a high risk of flooding and storm surge. In addition, the combination of sand and clay in the Jacksonville soil means that erosion and expansive soil swelling and shrinking are common occurrences. Erosion of sandy soils can lead to voids forming beneath foundations. These voids lead to foundation settlement and can cause structural instability. Expansive clay soils swell when they soak in water and shrink when they lose water. This soil movement can put pressure on the foundation and lead to foundation shifting, foundation cracks, and foundation settlement. The lack of limestone in the area means sinkholes are less common in Jacksonville than in other areas. However, sinkholes that do occur are often very deep and large in diameter. The river, ocean, and other bodies of water also contributed to beach and land erosion, making seawalls and lake walls necessary on many Jacksonville properties.

We are proud to serve the counties of Nassau, Baker, Duval, Union, Bradford, Clay, Putnam, St. Johns, and Flagler in the Jacksonville area. Scroll over the above map to see the complete service area for our Jacksonville, FL location.

Services We Offer in Jacksonville, Florida

Foundation Repair Jacksonville, Florida

Foundation repair is the most important service that we offer in Jacksonville. We offer a range of different foundation piering options to lift and stabilize foundations that have started to sink due to erosion or expansive soil movement.

Sinkhole Repair Jacksonville, Florida

Even though Jacksonville is NOT located along the notorious “sinkhole alley” in Florida, sinkholes do happen on occasion. And when they do, you need to be ready. That is why we offer sinkhole remediation techniques with various types of grouting.

Waterproofing Jacksonville, Florida

Flooding is not uncommon in the area due to hurricanes and tropical storms and the close proximity of the ocean and St. John’s River. Fortunately, our team specializes in interior and exterior waterproofing to keep your home safe and dry.

Seawall / Lake Wall Repair Jacksonville, Florida

If your home, vacation home, or business is located on oceanfront or lakefront property, a seawall or lake wall is vital in preventing soil erosion. That is why we offer seawall repair to keep these structures strong and secure.

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