Foundation Professionals of Florida are experts at foundation repair North Carolina. Some foundations in North Carolina are called slab on grade, which simply put, is a foundation that does not reach below the ground. The climate and dampness in North Carolina can be the cause of foundation problems that create problems within a structure. The foundation of a home must be strong enough to support the weight of the house and its contents as well as strong enough to withstand high winds.

Weather and Climate North Carolina

North Carolina, which is in our service area, is home to high humidity, wide temperature fluctuations, and frequent thunderstorms. Moist conditions and high water content within the soil causes shifting and settling to a home’s foundation. When doors don’t shut properly or windows begin to seem misaligned, you should check out your home’s foundation to see if it is beginning to have cracks or an unstable area. When you allow dampness to creep into your home you can expect damage to the home and the contents within, and it can also affect the air that you breathe on a daily basis.

Sinkhole Repair in North Carolina

In North Carolina, sinkholes are common features of the outer coastal plain in areas where the Castle Hayne or River Bend Formations occur at or near the surface. This unstable surface can threaten any structure or form of nature that is placed upon it. Sinkholes often show signs similar to a need for foundation repair, such as sticking windows or cracked floors. When these signs arise, call Foundation Professionals of Florida. Foundation Pros can help you with any problem that may arise because of a sinkhole.

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