slab crack port st. lucieBordering the Atlantic Ocean, Port St. Lucie’s population has grown significantly since the 2000 census. While the population was about 89,000, it is now about 155,000. Port St. Lucie falls just short of being declared a tropical climate, so instead, it is a warm humid subtropical climate. With hot summer and warm winters, there isn’t too much variation in temperature between seasons. There is, however, a large amount of rainfall in St. Lucie. The city averages about 58 inches of rainfall every year. When compared to the national average of 36.5 inches, you realize just how much rainfall Port St. Lucie receives. A majority of this rainfall comes in the summer months, too. Though the climate is usually enjoyed by Port St. Lucie’s population, it can cause some issues for its homes. We are here to help with those problems, though. Foundation Professionals of Florida is your foundation repair Port St. Lucie Florida service provider.

When a large amount of rainfall falls in the summer months of Port St. Lucie, there isn’t a lot of time for it to soak into the ground. Because of this, the earth around your home can become overly saturated. This can place what is called hydrostatic pressure on your home or business foundation or slab. If this pressure becomes too much to bear, your foundation or may eventually crack. These cracks can let in water, insects, and sometimes even animals. Avoid such a hassle. Call us to help secure your foundation for the rainy months in Port St. Lucie. We have years of experience in foundation repair and utilize the very best products out there for underpinning projects from Earth Contact Products. With these professional products like steel push piers, helical piers, helical wall anchors, helical seawall anchors, and helical tieback anchors, we are your best bet in Port St. Lucie for all your foundation repair needs. If you notice wall cracks and other symptoms, don’t wait, call us. We can evaluate your problems and find a custom solution for your home or business.

Sinkhole Repair Port St. Lucie, Florida Experts

Sinkholes are a serious issue in Florida. Too many homes have been damaged because of such a problem. In fact, too many lives have been taken. Sinkholes are nothing to take lightly, but something to be educated about and aware of. Even small sized sinkholes can have a big impact on your wallet. There are signs that your home may be at risk of sinkhole damage. Your walls and floors will crack. Be especially concerned if your floors crack in a circular fashion. You might notice walls leaning and floors bowing. Doors and windows will become misaligned and difficult to open and close. If any of these are happening in your home, do not hesitate to call us. We’ll help you monitor and determine how serious the situation is. If we think your home may be on top of a possible sinkhole, we specialize in compaction grouting to fill in the loose soil that can cause sinkholes. So if you notice the signs and symptoms of a sinkhole, don’t wait. Call the experts in sinkhole repair in Port St. Lucie Florida today – Foundation Professionals of Florida. We also serve the cities of Tallahassee, Lake City and Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas. Contact us if you have any questions about sinkholes or foundation failure today.