Turn to Foundation Professionals of Florida to work with experts at foundation repair in South Carolina. Homes in South Carolina are subject to excessive moisture conditions. Settling and high water content in the soil is a difficult condition for homeowners. This damp climate may be the cause of foundation problems in your home or business. The foundation of a building must be strong enough to support the weight of the structure and its contents, as well as strong enough to stand up to high winds. Foundation Professionals of Florida can ensure that your home is safe and secure from moisture damage and high winds.

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Weather and Climate South Carolina

South Carolina, which is in our service area, is known for high humidity levels and frequent changes in temperatures. These moist conditions and high levels of water in the soils can create a situation for homes that causes shifting and settling of the foundation. When doors begin to seem misaligned and windows don’t shut properly, there is a good chance you may have a foundation problem. Allowing water or even dampness to creep into your home not only causes damage to your belongings but can create an unhealthy atmosphere for you and your family to breath on a daily basis.

Sinkhole Repair South Carolina

Similarly to many states in the Southeast, South Carolina homeowners are in danger of sinkholes on their property. Sinkholes are caused by multiple factors, such as a large amount of limestone beneath the topsoil or heavy torrential rains. Sinkholes can threaten all buildings on a property and are extremely dangerous. Foundation Pros is your sinkhole repair service provider in South Carolina If you’ve noticed any signs of a sinkhole, such as cracks in your floors or other problems experienced with foundation problems, contact us. We can repair your sinkhole and determine whether your home is safe to live in.

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In South Carolina Foundation Pros are your experts. We have earned the trust of clients throughout the Southwest. Let us be your guide to returning your home to its original state of beauty and functionality. With our expertise in areas like low-mobility grouting and void filling, both areas that are very specialized, you know we can’t be beat!