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Micropiles are small diameter piles consisting of a steel casing, centralized rebar, and cement grout. These piles are ideal in limited access environments and can achieve tension and compression capacities up to 200 tons.

Micropiles, also known as mini piles, are deep foundation elements that range in diameter between 5-12 inches. They are comprised of a steel casing, centralized steel rebar, and cement grout. Micropiles can achieve extremely high working loads up to 200 tons by transferring the structural load through the steel and grout which is then dispersed via skin friction to competent soil strata.

Micropiles can be installed in difficult ground conditions including karstic/limestone substrate. Micropiles are ideal for avoiding underground utilities, for installation in limited access/overhead areas, for underpinning existing structures and in new construction.


Common uses for micropiles:

  • Underpin structures
  • Transfer loads
  • Stabilize loose soil
  • Installation in limited access areas
  • Retrofits and new foundation construction
  • Embankment, slope and landslide stabilization

Micropile installation process

  1. The casing is advanced to bearing stratum or rock
  2. Drill rod is removed, leaving steel casing in place
  3. Centralized reinforcement bar is lowered into the casing
  4. Cementitious grout is pumped under pressure into the casing
  5. The casing is partially retracted allowing the grout to bond to soil or rock
  6. Top of the pile is cut and capped
  7. Pile is load tested

Foundation Professionals of Florida has a fleet of low-headroom micropile rigs that can fit through a typical interior door, allowing us to work in very tight spaces. We service 9 states including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia as well as the Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys.

We welcome the opportunity to bid on your next project requiring micropiles. Contact us today to learn more.