Sinkholes in Florida

A lot of residents in Florida think about sinkholes. We see stories about them in the news all the time. No way you have missed it I am sure. They seem so scary, and big. Maybe you have even seen the picture of the very large one in Guatemala  and wondered if that could happen in your backyard. Don’t worry though, just be informed. We know all the sinkhole Florida signs, and can share them with you. Be educated and watch for these signs and then call the sinkhole repair experts and Foundation Professionals of Florida.

Sinkhole Florida Signs:

  • Sinkhole Florida, Florida Sinkhole Repair, Sinkhole Repair

    Wall and ceiling cracks

  • Sloping or cracked floors
  • Wall separation
  • Popping nails
  • Water stains or spots
  • Cracked bathroom or sink tiles
  • Backsplash in bath or kitchen that has pulled away from the wall
  • Doors, windows or cabinets that don’t open and close right
  • Extreme changes to your utility bills
  • Holes, depressions, or dead spots in your yard and landscaping
  • Lost water in your pool

If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait, call us. We have a wide service area covering a large portion of Florida including but not limited to Orlando, St. Augustine, Lake City, Tampa and Jacksonville. We also proudly serve parts of Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee, the Florida Keys, and the Virgin Islands. Anywhere the ground has soft soils or limestone, Sinkholes can be a threat. These can be remedied with void filling techniques including compaction and permeation grouting, and polyurethane foam fill.

Sinkholes Explained

Sinkhole Florida, Florida Sinkhole Repair, Sinkhole RepairThere are different solutions to each type of sinkhole. Some sinkholes have the ground beneath erode and go away. Then the layer at the top breaks, and there is an abrupt collapse. Some sinkholes occur when the top layer is permeable, and it all breaks down very quickly when the limestone below breaks down. Some start as a bowl shaped depression and grow larger overtime as the limestone beneath the top layer breaks down.

No matter what the type there is a solution. Count on us to help you determine the right fix for you. Learn about sinkholes, and be prepared, and then partner with the Foundation Pros of FL to fix it before it becomes a big issue. We provide top quality Florida sinkhole repair.