Sinkhole Insurance

Since they are quite common in Florida, it is important that homeowners be completely aware of the risks that sinkholes pose. If a sinkhole opens up underneath your home, it could lead to various foundation issues. Small sinkholes often cause a sinking or settling foundation, or foundation cracks, which can in turn lead to various issues in other areas of the home: cracked walls or floor, bowing or leaning walls, windows or doors that stick, and uneven or sloped floors. Larger sinkholes can cause even more serious issues, and may even lead to the collapse of your entire home. Because sinkholes can be such a dangerous hazard, insurance companies often deny coverage to those who live in close proximity to a sinkhole. This can be a hassle for homeowners.

If you are in this situation, you may wish to contact someone for more information on Florida insurance policies or to complain about your insurance company. The Florida Department of Financial Services has established a HELP LINE that can be used for these purposes. The phone number is 1-877-693-5236. Or you may contact them online. at their website.

The current laws in Florida require insurance companies to provide coverage for catastrophic ground collapse. This may, however, not include sinkhole coverage if all of the specific requirements are not met. Fortunately, some providers are now offering plans with specific sinkhole coverage. Shop around and explore all of your options to find a plan that suits your home’s needs and your finances.

If a sinkhole does develop under your home, it is important to have the situation fixed as son as possible. The team at Foundation Professionals of Florida has the necessary experience and equipment to provide quality repairs. For all of your sinkhole repair needs in Florida, contact Foundation Pros today.