Sinkhole Insurance in Florida

Sinkhole InsuranceAre you thinking about buying a new home in Florida? Deciding the right home to purchase can be a stressful process. Finding a home with a good structure and foundation should be the key factors in determining the best home. The second factor is the cosmetic issues which is relatively inexpensive to fix. Third, homeowners need to find the best financial process and home mortgage. After finding the best home mortgage, many homeowners feel that they made the right decision. They settle on their property for several years in a great neighborhood. Nothing can go wrong. Right? You suddenly notice an indention in the backyard. Could this be a sinkhole? This is when it is time to call your insurance company. You may need sinkhole insurance immediately.

Living in Florida, usually sinkhole insurance is required. Unfortunately, Florida has more sinkhole activity compared to any other state. Sinkhole insurance can be reassuring but also stressful. If a sinkhole does exist,  you have to protect your property from further damages. Know the signs to look for can help avoid future problems and make the process easier for the insurance company.

Identifying Sinkholes in Florida

A sinkhole is a natural depression in the ground that is caused by the collapse of the surface layer. The sinkholes in Florida are usually caused by Karst process, which is a chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks such as limestone. Sinkhole formation may be caused by surface drainage from standing water. Lack of rainfall, lowered water levels, and excessive rain can cause sinkhole development.

Identify sinkholes issues before it becomes a major problem. Many of the symptoms are the same as foundation issues. Look around your home for the following signs: Uneven floors, cracked walls and floors, cracks in concrete sidewalk, water stains and spots, walls separating from the ceiling, driveway cracks, nails popping, depressions in the yard, doors and windows that are hard to open and close, and utility bills that are changing from there norm. If any of these signs are occurring, then there could be sinkhole activity on your property.

If you suspect sinkhole activity, notify your homeowners insurance company immediately. They will inspect your property to determine if it needs further investigation. If the sinkhole cavity starts to open, secure the area to prevent injuries. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

After the insurance company investigates the sinkhole activity, they will decide how to deal with the claim. For structural issues that are not caused by sinkhole activities, the insurance company will decide what will cover the claim.

If you have a home in Florida and contemplating sinkhole insurance, call your insurance to find the best coverage for your property. Sinkhole insurance can be very costly so getting the coverage immediately is the best solution. Don’t wait until your sinkhole activity gets worse then it will be too late to purchase sinkhole insurance.

Call Foundation Professionals of Florida for more information about sinkhole insurance, repairs and warning signs. We can help you identify and repair sinkholes in the Florida area. Contact us today!