Sinkhole Predictability and Inspection

If you are looking for an inspector to examine your property you will want to find one that is a licensed geologist.  A proper inspector will  be able to examine your home and tell you if a sinkhole exists.  The problem is, however, that if there’s not currently a sinkhole it can be almost impossible to determine when and where one could possibly occur. It is possible, in some cases, to perform geological tests on a piece of property and assess the potential for sinkhole development. Some of the geological tests include ground penetrating radar (GPR), soil borings, and resistivity. All these methods require experts and are costly to perform. It is not possible at this time to predict when and where EXACTLY a sinkhole will develop.

Sinkhole InspectionIf you are currently worried about the potential of sinkholes, the best option for you is to maintain your home’s foundation and be very attentive to the condition of your yard.  On the Foundation Professionals of Florida website we have many articles that will educate you on all that you need to know about sinkholes.   The best preparation against potential sinkholes is being as educated on the causes and symptoms.  If you can understand these you can catch sinkholes before they cause damage and become costly and dangerous.

Foundation Professionals has the necessary techniques, products, and expert contractors to evaluate and repair sinkhole damage to your home.  This kind of geological event can be scary and intimidating, especially since the predicting of  time and location is so hard. You can rest assure that with our company you will be taken care of. We will provide you with the services you need and deserve. We will give you peace of mind at the end of the day, knowing that your home is safe for many years to come.