Sinkhole Risk Evaluation

Sinkhole Property evaluationIf you are serious about having your property evaluated, then there are professional geologists and geotechnical engineering consultants with a staff that can perform a variety of tests.  These tests will attempt to locate underground pockets and buried cavities which might form sinkholes. Hiring these types of contractors is not cheap, their testing includes electrical resistivity tests, borings, and ground penetrating radar surveys.  Also, because the tests can be affected the elevation and water table, they might not always be conclusive. It should also be noted that in almost all cases, all of these procedures exceed the budget of the average homeowner.

For more information on sinkhole risk evaluation, examine our previous blogs and content. We have a lot information on how insurance policies deal with sinkhole damage and how to go about determining the risk for your area. Some insurance companies have access to a database of sinkhole occurrences, by doing so you will be able to gather some info on whether or not these geological events are common where you live.  We should mention, however, that there is no one hundred percent accurate evaluation of risk factor. Sinkholes can still develop unexpectedly.

The best means of preparation for possible sinkholes is to have your foundation in good, maintained condition and to also be aware of the causes and symptoms of these events. Sinkholes are intimidating and scary concepts for any homeowner, however, with the right knowledge and professional repair team behind you, your mind can be at ease. Count on Foundation Professionals of Florida, we will take care of you along every step of the way.