Sinkholes Concerns for Waterfront Homes in Florida

Seawall repair in Jacksonville, FL by Foundation Professionals of FloridaThe view of living in a waterfront home in Florida can be very inviting. There can also be the constant struggle of trying to save the property from a devastating sinkhole. Florida is infamously known for sinkholes. That is because of the limestone terrain. Limestone is very porous so when the acidity of the rain runs through it, it causes it to break down and create sinkholes.

One of the common areas that is problematic when living on the waterfront, is the seawall cap. Sinkholes form around a seawall due to the sand getting sucked out from under the seawall.

It is important to have an expert in sinkhole repair to come and give you a permanent solution so that the problem doesn’t keep arising. The experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida has the experience and solutions to give you a permanent sinkhole repair around your waterfront home in Florida.

Solutions for Your Sinkhole Problems for your Waterfront Home

Conditions around seawalls dictate that the sinkhole repair will include working with wet soils and often below the water level. Foundation Professionals of Florida uses hydrophobic grout for the repair. This type of resin will permanently fill voids and stabilize the soil. It has a high expansion rate and cures under wet conditions without diluting When injected into wet conditions it retains its strength, size and impermeability under almost all soil conditions. If any other material is used under these conditions, the water will go right through them, causing sinkholes to keep occurring.

Don’t let your beautiful waterfront home become a victim to sinkhole problems. The experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida has the experience and products to help you prevent and repair any sinkhole damage that you are experiencing. Let us give you a free inspection and offer you the solutions needed to keep your Florida waterfront home safe.

We take pride in the outstanding reputation we have built in the Jacksonville, FL and surrounding area and we intend to keep it that way. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!