Common causes for foundation problems in Florida are beach erosion, foundation leaks, settling foundation, and sinkholes.  Foundation Professionals of Florida are a fully licensed Florida contractor.  They go the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction and retention.  Foundation Professionals of Florida always do the best work possible and have the references to support their claims.

Beach Erosion in Florida

beach erosion and foundation problems FloridaWhat causes beach erosion and is there anything I can do?  You purchased your dream house on the beach and then find out the beach is eroding away, is it the end of your dream?  Erosion is caused by many natural and man-made problems.  Some erosion problems occur slowly and are almost undetectable, caused by the very slow rise of the sea level.  Weather and nature also play a crucial role in beach erosion, hurricanes, tropical storms and other strong weather patterns being the biggest culprit to beach damage.  Erosion is an issue because of man-made factors such as coastal development.  Construction projects can cause the capture of sand which removes it from the normal in and out flow of the sand with the tides.

Every home or business sits above a very specific soil mixture. In Florida, it is most likely to have a soil/sand/limestone mixture. These materials, when not packed well enough, can cause your foundation to shift and settle. This settling effect causes wall cracks, sloping floors, leaning chimneys, and a list of other problems. With the Florida erosion team at Foundation Professionals of Florida, we can handle all these problems. We offer specific underpinning solutions designed for your specific needs such as helical piers that will lift your foundation, or chimney back into place and add support, stability, and restore the beauty of your home. We also offer grouting services to fix cracks and fill voids. You can count on us for all your foundation and erosion needs.

An option to help protect your home and it’s value is to consider building a seawall. If have a seawall, do routine inspections to check and see if it is damaged, or have Foundation Professionals of Florida come view the wall and offer an estimate on seawall repair. Other options are geotextiles and natural vegetation such as coir (a coconut fiber log).  Geotextiles and natural vegetation can protect your seawall while adding beauty and charm.   For more information call the Florida beach erosion experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida. We will find the best solution for your budget and have your beach looking beautiful in a timely and efficient manner.  Keep the coastlines of Florida beautiful, and your beachfront property beautiful as well. Call Foundation Pros today!

Settling Foundations in Tallahassee, FL

A settling foundation can be caused in a multitude of ways.  Mainly if the soil was not properly compacted prior to the home being built, it will experience slow settling.  Nature is another culprit in the settling battle in Florida.  Over time, the soils and limestone beneath the home change with temperature and water content levels.  If there is a drastic temperature drop, it is even harder on the soil and causes hydro-static pressure on the foundation.  When this pressure builds your foundation will crack, letting the moisture inside of your home.  All of these can cause problems for your home but they are reversible and damage can be limited.

If you have noticed any cracks in your foundation, walls, sticking doors and windows, or standing water around your home, these may be signals that your foundation has settled at your Tallahassee, FL home.  But do not worry, the Foundation Professionals of Florida can help.  The have a wide variety of fixes depending on your settlement issue.  Steel push piers will most likely be used to fix your settling foundation. The purpose of these piers is to give new support to foundations in Florida that have lost their original stability and strength. These piers are like stilts that penetrate into the ground to stabilize the foundation with the support of deep soils. Steel push piers can even lift a foundation to its originally intended level.

If you think your home is experiencing foundation settlement, don’t wait. Give our professionals a call today. We are experts in foundation repair in Tallahassee, FL and the entire state. Contact us today!

A Leaning Chimney Could Be a Sign That You Need Foundation Repair in Florida

A leaning chimney, whether the gap left is big or small, is a safety concern. It could fall into your home or any structures around it. It also may not be distributing smoke out of your home correctly.  Homeowners that try to fix the problem themselves, often by filling in the space between the house and the chimney or attempting to support the leaning chimney, this is not a good idea. The best thing to do with a leaning chimney is contact experienced contractors, such as Foundation Pros of FL, to come in and fix the underlying problem – your foundation.

Helical piers or steel piers can be installed underneath your home and chimney to lift them back to the correct position. These piers are used in both commercial and residential structures to keep the chimney on a stable and level, regardless of shifts in the soil beneath it. The piers can add the support needed for your chimney’s stability, fixing the lean. If you have a leaning chimney in Florida, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida. We are your leaning chimney repair specialists.