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Foundation Professionals of Florida is proud to provide foundation repair, seawall repair, sinkhole remediation, and waterproofing services throughout all Florida. Our service area spans the whole state, including southern Florida. Our team can assist homeowners with all sorts of structural and foundation problems all the way from Vero Beach to Key West, FL.

If you live in Southern Florida and have noticed signs of foundation failure, sinkhole formation, or seawall erosion, contact us right away.

Common Foundation Problems in South Florida

What sorts of problems can we repair?

foundation cracks southern florida

Some of the most common issues that we see in the Southern Florida area are related to sinkholes and seawall failure. Some common problems we encounter in the southern part of Florida include:

  • Foundation, Floor or Slab Cracks: If cracks appear in exterior foundation or slab, or in flooring inside the home, it is likely a sign of foundation settlement. Settlement is common in Florida due to the sandy soil composition – when soil is eroded underneath your home, voids and spaces form in the ground. These voids cannot properly support the foundation, causing it to sink. This sinking puts pressure on the concrete and on the rest of the home, causing cracks to form. sinkholes southern floridaSinkholes opening in the ground can also cause settlement in your home.
  • Visible Sinkholes: When sinkholes form underneath your home, they can cause some serious damage. Small sinkholes that form under the home might cause the foundation to sink or shift. This leads to crack formation, bowing or leaning walls, sloped floors, and sticking doors or windows. Larger sinkholes might cause complete structural collapse. Sinkholes might also form in your yard, causing problems with your landscaping or utility lines, or leaving low spots that are prone to water pooling. This pooling can form cracks in your concrete patio or pool, or even in your home’s foundation. Don’t put off sinkhole inspection and repair any longer. If you see signs of a sinkhole, take action and contact a professional immediately, as they can result in dangerous situations.
  • seawall repair southern floridaWater Damage: Homes in Southern Florida often suffer from water damage. Water damage can cause a variety of different problems in your home – excess rain, water seepage, mold growth, crumbling concrete foundation, and soil erosion. Some water damage is a result of the severe weather in southern Florida. However, other water damage is due to seawall failure and erosion. Whatever the cause of water damage to your foundation and home, we can help.

If you notice any of the above-listed issues in your home or business, contact our team right away.

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Foundation, Sinkhole, & Seawall Repair South FL

Fortunately, our team is skilled in several different repair options that are perfectly suited for southern Florida foundation and structural problems.

For Foundation Cracks or Settlement

If you notice cracks in your foundation or in your flooring, we offer a few different solutions, depending on the cause. First, our team will provide a free inspection to determine what the source of the settlement is or what is causing the cracks. If the cracks or sinking are the result of standard foundation failure, we can use underpinning to lift and stabilize the foundation. This method involves using a steel piering product from ECP (Earth Contact Products), the number one supplier in the industry. These piers are installed under the slab and pushed deep into the ground until they anchor into stable soils. Once anchored, the piers are used to lift the foundation above back to its original level, reversing settlement and closing cracks. If the cracks or settlement are due to a sinkhole, we use compaction or pressure grouting. These methods involve the injection of an expansive polyurethane foam in the ground that fills the sinkhole and compacts the surrounding area.

For Water Damage

We also offer a few different solutions for water damage in southern Florida homes. If the water damage is caused by a lack of waterproofing or is the result of extreme weather, our waterproofing services can help. We provide exterior waterproofing – a waterproofing membrane for foundation walls, drain pipe system, surface drainage solutions, etc. – to direct water away before it enters the home. We also provide interior waterproofing – drainage channel system and sump pump installation – to remove water from the interior. However, if the water problems are caused by seawall failure, the approach to repair is a bit different. In this case, we use seawall erosion repair techniques to lift and secure seawalls, preventing water from seeping underneath or through cracks. To learn more about seawall repair, visit our sister site –

Whatever the problem is in your Florida home, do not hesitate to call us right away. We serve the entire southern Florida area, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach,  Port St. Lucie, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the Florida Keys. We even offer services in the U.S. Virgin Islands!