Sinkhole Insurance Coverage in Florida

Are You Covered by Sinkhole Insurance in Florida? In Florida, sinkhole insurance coverage is constantly changing. If you’re settling into a new home, be sure that it is insurable. Make sure sinkhole coverage is included in your policy, and ask your insurance agent about the type of coverage you have. There are two types  – […]

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Understanding How to Handle Sinkhole Claims in Florida

Sinkhole Insurance Claims in Florida For many homeowners in Florida, sinkholes cause many issues. One of the most complicated issues related to sinkholes, however, is dealing with insurance claims. Florida laws enforce some very specific requirements on how an insurer may handle sinkhole claims. It is important to understand how the claims process in Florida […]

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I was denied homeowners insurance because there is a sinkhole within one-half mile of my home. What can I do?

Sinkhole Insurance Issues in Florida No one wants to be denied homeowners insurance for any reason. However, situations sometimes lead to insurance companies finding reasons to do just that. Often, a sinkhole in close proximity to your property can be such a reason that insurance companies will argue. Sinkholes are a dangerous issue that can […]

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