Signs You May Have A Sinkhole

Tampa Florida Sinkhole Repair InspectionConditions in Florida are ideal for the formation of sinkholes. The ground in Florida is made up of limestone which is highly dissolved. A sinkhole is a depression or hole in the ground that happens when the surface layer of the ground collapses. Florida sinkholes are usually caused when the chemical dissolution of limestone occurs. This limestone was originally deposited in layers. All of the layers have a different chemical composition along with different hardness and thickness. Because of this, the layers have a constant motion due to the fact that they are dissolving at different rates. The weak layers crack and break and slowly dissolve.

Most rainwater is slightly acidic and becomes even more acidic as it moves through vegetation in the Florida soils. This acidic rainwater is key is causing the erosion process of the limestone. It creates voids or cavities to form in which the overlying sediments collapse into.

Sinkhole activity can be taken care of by identifying it as soon as possible and getting the problem corrected. This movement can be noticed well before it becomes dangerous. Knowing the signs that a sinkhole may be forming and getting to the problem before it gets even bigger will not only save you time and money, it could save you and your home. Foundation Professional of Florida can inspect your home for signs of sinkhole. We are your Tampa Florida sinkhole repair inspection professionals.

Tampa Florida Sinkhole Repair Inspection

Homes and structures that have sinkhole activity, shows cracking. The cracks will be in Tampa Florida Sinkhole Repair Inspectionwalls, floor, tiles, or ceiling. They will be either in the interior or exterior or both. Experts can take a look and see how wide the cracks are and the location. If you notice cracks in any interior joint areas such as windows or doors, its a good idea to contact a professional to come and take a look. Foundation Professionals of Florida have the solutions to your sinkhole repair needs.

If you have noticed cracks in your exterior block or stucco, this may also be a sign that movement is taking place in the ground below. Look carefully at the cracks. Notice how wide they are and if you have noticed them growing in length. Notice is the cracks are concentrated in one area or are widespread throughout the exterior blocks or stucco. For any exterior block or stucco crack, a professional should make an inspection and recommend what repairs should be done.

Have you noticed your windows and doors are harder to close or not close properly? If the windows or doors do not look level, this is caused by the structure of your home shifting. The areas around doors and windows can be weak parts of the wall and often the first parts of the home to show signs of stress.

Don’t panic if you think you have any of these signs that a sinkhole may be forming. Foundation Professionals of Florida are experts in the inspection and solutions of sinkholes in Tampa Florida. We use compaction grouting to increase the density of soft or loose soils. The grout will mix with your soil and firm the ground surrounding your foundation. .

Foundation Professional of Florida is a leader in providing geotechnical engineering and consulting services throughout the Southeast. This has been key to our success for the past three decades. We can identify below-ground related problems such as sinkholes, and have the knowledge to get the repairs done before it becomes a bigger problem. Contact us at the first sign of sinkhole formation damage.