David & Grace Jones 

“I moved back from Los Angeles to care for my Elderly Mother in 2006. I’m Very Familiar with Structural Cracks in Building indicating as Being “Unsafe” from all the Earthquakes I’ve lived through during 25 years in Los Angeles. When I moved to North Fl. to care for my mother, I noticed numerous Cracks inside the house indicating my parent’s home had “Settled” in the 50 years we have been blessed to call it home. A Doctor built my parents home in 1943 & had it Built with Red Brick. Building Codes were different in 1943 to what they are currently. I Researched DOZENS of Company’s ALL over the South to “repair” my Parents Home to Stabilize the foundation & Brick Settling Any Further. I was quoted Fee’s called “Mobilization Fee’s” (to move the equipment) to our home costing as much as $18,000. “These Other Companies Wanted to Directly Access My Mother’s Insurance Policy So They Could Max Out the Policy.”

After personally Interviewing 6 different companies & ruling each out, I was blessed to find “Foundation Professionals of Florida.” They were 100% Professional & took No Shortcuts. They went the Extra mile to alleviate the worry all of this had caused my Elderly Mother. They came in UNDER Budget & On Time. My Mother told the repair company she had been Praying for Just the Right Company to come to her Rescue.

Before the Construction Crews Left, my Mother asked the Men to Pray with her to Thank God for sending the Individuals that make up this company into our lives. Without missing a beat all of these tired construction workers were holding hands in a circle listening to my Mother Thank God for sending Foundation Professionals into Our Lives’. We have since also referred this wonderful & personable firm to another friend with an Older Brick Home having the same exact problems. I am available to speak with anyone having concerns & going through these same nightmares we went through. This company saved my Mother’s home & it gives all of us peace of mind every single day.”
David & Grace Jones
Live Oak, Florida

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