J. Dunkel

“We became aware of some foundation problems on our house during home inspection. We called and researched three companies. One company wanted to rebuild our entire foundation saying that the house was shifting etc., etc. Their proposal was ridiculous and more about striking fear in the customer rather that addressing the problem.

Foundation Professionals understood that the house is almost 90 years old and while there has been some settling of the house over the years it was basically in good shape. They not only provided a plan to fix the underlying problems with piers and a steel beam but to ensured that access to all parts of the crawl space was maintained. Something the competition did not worry about.

Foundation Professionals were on time for their sales appointment and on time for the job itself. They made sure the area was all cleaned up upon completion.

Since the work was completed I have had a home inspection and they noted the good job that had been done. Thank you for a great experience.”
J. Dunkel

Jacksonville, FL

Steel Pier for Florida Foundation Repair
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