Void Filling FL

A problem that structures or foundations sometimes face, is sloping or cracked slabs.  This occurs when there is a void beneath the garage or basement.  Void filling FL, sounds menacing to a homeowner, but it is a rather simple problem to solve.  The most common sign of a void underneath your slab is small cracks forming on the concrete floor of your garage or basement. If you notice these cracks, you should contact a professional! The longer you wait the more expensive the problem could get. The professional can take care of the problem before a sinkhole can become larger and do more damage. Call Foundation Pros of Florida, and our specialists will use our proven techniques and products for void filling Florida beneath your home.

Compaction Grouting FL

Compaction grouting is a method where fast setting polyurethane foam is injected into loose soil. The foam expands rapidly forming balls or columns of dense structural foam. The expansion compacts the surrounding soils and increases the load bearing capacity.
Our Precision Lift foams is injected into soil using specialized equipment that heats the resin and speeds up the reaction. The expansive forces of the foam combined with the injection pressure from the pump compact the soil and fill voids in the area immediately adjacent to the foam.

Cracks occur because the slab does not have enough strength over the middle of the void.  However, do not worry. Foundation Pros of Florida has the pressure grouting solution that will fix your sloping and cracked floors. When performing our pressure grouting solution, our specialists drill a small hole and insert a hose that will fill the void and strengthen the ground beneath the area. No longer worry, Foundation Professionals  has the products and services you need. Give us a call and set up an appointment today!