Concrete Foundation Repair in FL

The most common foundation type in Florida is the concrete slab foundation. While these foundations are great at supporting most structures, they are susceptible to a few foundation problems. Failing foundations are a serious issue and should not be treated lightly. If you notice a problem developing with your foundation, call the foundation repair experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida immediately for your concrete foundation repair FL options.

One problem that occurs often in concrete slab foundation is a sinking or settling foundation. If your foundation is experiencing settling, it is most likely due to the movement of the soil beneath the foundation. This can happen if there is too much rain, resulting in erosion or excessive amounts of hydrostatic pressure; or if the area experiences drought conditions, causing the soil to shrink. If any of these things occur, they can cause voids to form in the ground under the foundation. These voids do not provide enough support for the foundation, and it is forced to sink or settle.

Options for Concrete Foundation Repair FL

Concrete Foundation Repair FLFoundation settlement can cause cracks in the foundation and walls, because the foundation has shifted and pulled away. If you notice cracks forming in the walls of your home, or in your concrete slab foundation, it is most likely a sign that your foundation is failing. Foundations problems such as sinking and settlement can also cause cracks that result in foundation leaks. If water is leaking into your home or crawlspace, check your walls and foundation for slab cracks. Other signs that your foundation is failing include: uneven or sloped floors, sticking doors, sticking windows, and leaning chimneys. If you discover any of these foundation failure symptoms in your home, you will probably need to invest in concrete foundation repair FL services to get your foundation back to normal.

The best fix for a settling foundation is to install helical piers or steel push piers. These underpinning products work by driving into stable soil deep underground and supporting your foundation. Once the piers have been driven (or screwed in the case of helical piers) into the ground, they are able to stabilize and lift your foundation back to it’s original position. Another solution for a cracked, sinking concrete foundation is pressure grouting. This is a process in which cement grout is injected beneath the foundation to fill voids in the soil and provide support for the structure. No matter what solution you choose, Foundation Professionals of Florida have the skills and tools to make sure you receive excellent concrete foundation repair services. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you prevent foundation failure.