Florida Sinkhole Repair

Homes in Florida can experience foundation cracks due to sinkhole issues. Sinkholes are caused by the natural process of erosion of the limestone bedrock. The limestone will be dissolved by the acid in rainwater and groundwater. As it dissolves, the missing limestone leaves a hole. If that hole is near your house, it will cause the foundation or slab to shift and cracks will start to appear. This is when you will need to call in a representative from Foundation Professionals of Florida. Our associates will come to your house and do an evaluation of the foundation or slab. They will give you sound advice on the next steps that need to be done to do Florida sinkhole repair.

Grout Injection Florida Methods

Florida Sinkhole Repair, Grout Injection FloridaFoundation Professionals of Florida do sinkhole repair with the use of compacting grouting. Compacting grout is an injection of a polyurethane foam that will firm up your loose soil in and around the sinkhole so that it closes up the hole.  The grout we use will mix with your soil and firm up the ground along your foundation by increasing the density of the soil layers.  This creates more stability for your foundation. If the slab is cracked and needs a lift, we use short bursts of rapidly expanding foam to slowly lift the effected area. We use the very best products in the industry from Earth Contract Products. Our professionals and ECP Products lets you know that the work that will be done on your repair will be the best.

This kind of job of void filling needs special equipment and an experienced team to take care of Florida sinkhole repairs. Call Foundation Professionals of Florida to come to your house or business to give you a free quote on any necessary repairs that need to be done.