What are “Problem Soils”?

Many people who live in Florida are aware of the hazards of foundation problems occurring due to coastal erosion or sinkhole formation. However, another problem that may occur in Florida homes is sinking or settlement due to problem soils. These “problem soils” are often the cause of void formation and settlement in many Florida homes. These soils are affected by changing moisture conditions, which cause them to sink and settle or expand, pushing on the concrete and leading to foundation problems like settlement and cracking.

"Problem Soils" in Florida“Problem soils” are a name given to expansive soils like clay. These soils expand as they soak in water and contract as they dry out. This means that if an area experiences a lot of rain, the soil will swell and push on the foundation, causing it to heave and crack, or shift. If the soil dries out due to a lack of rain, it will shrink and settle, causing the above foundation to settle and crack as well.

In Florida, there is a layer of soils called the Hawthorn Group, which contains much smectite, an expansive clay soil. This is one of the “problem soils” that is a concern for some homeowners in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Organic matter in the ground can also become a “problem soil” by causing sinking and settlement in Florida homes.

Solutions for Settlement Due to “Problem Soils” in Florida

If you are experiencing foundation problems due to “problem soils” in your area, you should have the foundation repaired as soon as possible to keep the problems from getting worse and leading to other issues. Foundation Professionals of Florida offer solutions for “problem soil” foundation failure in your home:

  • Problem Soil Foundation RepairVoid Filling
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Cement Grouting
  • Underpinning
  • Helical Tiebacks

These are just a few of the solutions that we offer for home in Florida. Void filling and soil stabilization techniques can be used to stabilize and secure the soil that has started to shrink and shift by the use of chemical grouts injected into the ground. This same type of process, cement grouting, can be used to fill voids under the home and provide support that the foundation needs. This helps lift the foundation and stabilize the home to prevent future problems. Underpinning and helical tiebacks use steel piering and anchoring devices to pull the foundation into place and give it support.

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Contact the team at Foundation Professionals of Florida today to find out which of these solutions is best to solve the “problem soil” issues in your home.