You worry about your home all the time, as you should! After all, it is likely your greatest investment. For foundation problems in Florida, Foundation Professionals of Florida provides a list of common problems and solutions, so you know where to turn first. For all your foundation repair needs in Florida, we have you covered!

crack in retaining wall common problem in florida Problem: Bowing, leaning, or cracked basement or retaining walls. You might notice water start to seep through these cracks. They can run horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or can be stair-step shaped along with the cracks in the blocks or bricks that make up the wall.

Solution: Foundation wall anchors, also called “plate anchors” are designed specifically for this purpose. They reinforce basement or retaining walls and relieve pressure from the soils outside these walls. Steel push piers are another great solution and is the most common underpinning solution used today.

Untitled design (33)-minProblem: Your foundation is settling in your home and you notice uneven, sloping floors. You may also notice cracks in your walls, and sticking doors and windows in the frames. These interior signs are usually related and could indicate a foundation issue.

Solution: Slab lifting and stabilization by Foundation Professionals of Florida is second to none as a solution for your settling home. We use structural polyurethane foam to fill any voids under your slab. We also offer compaction grouting or permeation grouting products to lift, stabilize, and support your slab.

Untitled design (34)-minProblem: You have a crawl space in your home and you notice musty smells in your living space, insect infestations, buckling hardwood floors, high humidity in your living area or condensation around pipes in your home.

Solution: You need crawl space repair by Foundation Professionals of Florida. Our vapor barriers will protect your crawl space against moisture and humidity, and improve overall air quality. We can also excavate around the exterior of the foundation and seal below grade walls using a polymer membrane coating in conjunction with dimple board. This will prevent water leakage from walls and into your crawlspace.

Untitled design (35)-minProblem: You have leaks in your basement or crawlspace due to below grade walls being built in your foundation. You might find other pipes that run to your home leaking as well.

Solution: Prime Flex polyurethane products from ECP and Foundation Professionals of Florida will save the day when it comes to these types of leaks. They are also used in utility projects for manholes, utility vaults, meter boxes to name a few. These are low viscosity injection resins that are long-lasting and can resolve leaks for a long time to come. For common foundation problems in Florida, contact us to find out about all our pipe and structure repair products.


  • Beach Erosion
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Sinkholes
  • Voids

Foundation Professionals of Florida has solutions to all these problems and more. For any issues you find in your basement, crawlspace, foundation, concrete slab, or seawall, contact us today. We will give you an estimate, a solution, and peace of mind. Remember Foundation Professionals of Florida for all your foundation repair project needs in Florida. We serve Jacksonville, Lake City and Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. Call us today!