Common Foundation Problems In Florida And Their Solutions

Your home is probably your biggest investment. Therefore, it’s normal to worry about it. Here’s a list of common foundation problems in Florida, and their solutions. If you need foundation repair in Florida, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida today.

crack in retaining wall common problem in florida

Problem: Cracked basement or retaining walls that are also bulging or bowing

The cracks can run horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You might also notice stair step-shaped cracks in the blocks or bricks that make up a wall.

Solution: Plate anchors or steel push piers

Foundation wall anchors, also called “plate anchors” are designed specifically for this purpose. They reinforce basement or retaining walls and relieve pressure from soil pushing against the wall. Steel push piers, the most common underpinning solution used today, are another way to fix this problem.

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Common Problems in Florida

Problem: Sloped floors, cracks in walls, and doors and windows that stick

These problems could indicate that your home’s foundation is experiencing differential settlement.

Solution: Slab lifting and stabilization

Slab lifting and stabilization by Foundation Professionals of Florida is second to none as a solution for your settling home. We use structural polyurethane foam to fill any voids under your slab. We also offer compaction grouting or permeation grouting products to lift, stabilize, and support your slab.

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Common Problems in FloridaProblem: Something is up with your crawl space

Has your home been smelling less than fresh lately? Notice more creepy crawlies (also known as “insects”) than usual? How about your hardwood floors? Do they look like they’re buckling? Does your home feel more humid than it did before? Is there condensation on your home’s pipes?

Solution: A vapor barrier

One type of crawl space repair offered by Foundation Professionals of Florida includes installing a vapor barrier. Our vapor barriers will protect your crawl space against moisture, humidity, and improve overall air quality. We can also excavate around the exterior of the foundation, and seal any below grade walls using a polymer membrane coating in conjunction with dimple board. This will prevent water leaking into your crawlspace from walls.


Common Problems in FloridaProblem: Leaks in your basement or crawlspace

Below grade foundation walls can be a source of leaks into your basement or crawlspace.

Solution: Prime Flex polyurethane resin

Prime Flex polyurethane products will save the day. These low viscosity, long-lasting injection resins are also used in utility projects for manholes, utility vaults, and meter boxes.

Other common foundation problems in Florida

  • Beach Erosion
  • Sinkholes
  • Voids

Foundation Professionals of Florida has solutions to all these problems, and more. If you’re having trouble with your basement, crawlspace, foundation, concrete slab, or seawall, contact us today. We will give you a free estimate, a solution, and peace of mind!