Sinkhole Types in Florida

One important aspect of determining whether or not you have a sinkhole is knowing just what you are looking for. There are several different types of sinkholes that can form in the yard near your FL home. All of these sinkholes are a danger to you and your family. Foundation Professional offers information on just what kind of sinkhole you might be dealing with. We offer free estimates to figure out the best solution for your home. No matter what kind of sinkhole that you discover, contact us right away to determine the best course of action.

Collapse Sinkhole Types

Collapse Sinkholes

Collapse sinkholes are a very dangerous type of sinkhole. They will form suddenly into a subsurface cavity or cave. They will form in areas with limestone bedrock and clay sediments. When you have a collapse sinkhole a large cavity will form underneath the surface and continue to get larger and larger until the surface can’t support the weight on top and then it will collapse and cause a large sinkhole. Because these sinkholes form suddenly and often without warning, they can result in devastating consequences for homeowners.

Solutions Sinkholes

Solution Sinkhole Types

Solution sinkholes happen gradually. They will appear in sandy sediments over the top of limestone bedrock. Solution sinkholes start to form when it gradually erodes cracks and voids underneath bedrock by the sandy sediments. When groundwater flows is can wash away sediments in the bedrock. It will grow larger and larger in size as ground subsidence occurs.

These sinkholes can appear in a variety of different forms. The image to the right shows how different solution sinkholes look depending on their age and where they formed.

Subsidence Sinkholes

Subsidence Sinkhole TypesSubsidence sinkholes are similar to solution sinkholes, except that the soluble bedrock is covered by a thick layer of soil. When the surface water infiltrates and dissolves cavities where the bedrock is weaker, the overlying sediment gradually moves downward into the expanding cavity.

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These subsidence sinkholes form more gradually, which means that the signs of this kind of sinkhole may be easier to spot than collapse sinkholes. If you suspect that you may have a sinkhole, contact us right away. Whichever type of sinkhole forms in your yard, we can help. Call our expert team of sinkhole remediators today to learn more or request a free estimate.