Sink Hole Risk Factors

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no technology with the ability to predict the time and location of sinkholes.  These geological events occur in result of underground caves and pockets collapsing from the pressure of soil above.  There are (extremely expensive) professional geological inspectors that can assess the soil condition and use ground penetrating radar to find underground pockets, however, there is still no way to predict exactly when and where the collapse will happen. The answer to “Sinkhole Risk Factor” associated with your area is almost impossible to determine, unfortunately.

Sinkhole Helical PierIn recent years, at least one geotechnical company has developed a fee-based risk assessment registry based on an extensive private database of known sinkholes and local geologic conditions, which it provides to insurers. Some Florida insurance companies now utilize this registry for assisting in determining the sinkhole risk in specific areas. It isn’t one hundred percent effective but it is the best source for finding out if there have been cases of nearby sinkholes.  Inquiring about such a source with your insurance company is recommended.

The best way to be prepared for possible sinkhole damage is to have a well-maintained foundation.  If your foundation is currently in poor condition then the chances of a sinkhole having severe damage to your property is much higher.  Here at Foundation Professionals of Florida we can outfit your home with proven underpinning solutions. With steel and helical piers we can provide additional support for your foundation even when the soil is eroding.  Give us a call and find out all that we can do for you. Your home is your biggest investment, we want to help preserve it and maintain it.  You can count on us to give you the service you need and deserve.