Types of Sinkholes

Types of SinkholesFlorida is known to have sinkholes due to the limestone that makes up the soil. When the acid from rainwater mixes with the limestone, it dissolves the limestone causing voids to form. These voids can eventually lead to a sinkhole. There are three general types of sinkholes. They are:

  • Subsidence
  • Solution
  • Collapse

Subsidence sinkholes are when rainwater percolates through overlying sediments and reaches the limestone, dissolving the rock and weakening its structural integrity. Gradually subsiding sinkholes form where slow dissolution takes place, mostly along joints in the limestone. These sinkholes tend to form naturally and are not affected by human activities.

Initially, the limestone contains fractures, but no subsidence has occurred. Small cracks grow larger as time progresses and water erodes the rock matrix. Sediments carried by the water fill the voids. Sediments from the upper layer continue to fill in the openings in the limestone, causing a depression at the land surface.

Collapse sinkholes are the most dramatic. They form with little warning and leave a deep hole. Collapse occurs because of the weakening of the rock by erosion and is often triggered by changes in water levels.

Solution sinkholes form where soluble bedrock such as limestone, is exposed at the land surface and subjected to weathering by dissolution. The surface water collects in the natural depressions and slowly dissolves into a sinkhole.

Sinkholes can also be caused by humans. Some of the human causes of sinkholes are:

  • Pumping of groundwater during freezes to pump on oranges and strawberries to keep them from being damaged
  • Excavating
  • Well drilling
  • Creating landfills
  • Leaking broken water lines
  • Pounding or blasting from constructions

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