How Sinkholes Form in Florida

Why Do Sinkholes Form?

Sinkholes can completely swallow the ground beneath your home in just a few seconds. Your home could be gone, just like that. Of course, we have all heard of stories like this, but in all actuality, sinkholes can be a variety of sizes. Some are small and others are large. But, regardless of size, sinkholes can all have a nasty effect on the foundation of your home. Sinkholes are a very common problem in Florida. Unfortunately, Florida has the perfect conditions for this terrible occurrence to become a reality. Foundation Professionals of Florida can stop this natural disaster from occurring. We are your sinkhole repair team in Tampa, Tallahassee, Orlando, and the Jacksonville area.

What is a sinkhole? A sinkhole is a natural erosion process in the limestone terrain of Florida. This process occurs when the limestone is in close proximity of the land’s surface. Sinkholes can expand in distance and can even occur in Florida’s lakes. There are many different types of sinkholes. There are collapse and solution sinkholes.

Collapse sinkholes are the most dangerous because collapse sinkholes form rapidly. A solution sinkhole is slightly less dangerous, but only because it opens gradually when the limestone is exposed at the land surface or the land surface is covered by a thin layer of sand. Water flows easily into the ground’s surface which causes the limestone to gradually dissolve. Foundation Professionals of Florida can help you to determine what type of sinkhole you have. Our team of experts will inspect and solve any foundation problems you have.

How do sinkholes form? Sinkholes can be formed from a natural process or an artificial process. In the natural process, sinkholes will capture standing water in a dry or high location. Sinkholes can also be caused by droughts or excessive rain. The formation of sinkholes are caused by erosion in general. Acidic water is created in the sinkholes from the absorption of carbon dioxide and decaying vegetation. Because of this, the limestone terrains slowly dissolves as the acidic water moves through the cracks underground. This creates channeling cavities. Cracks then become larger and larger as the limestone dissolves. The channels become more acidic as the water flows through the ground. The surface of the ground sinks and starts to crumble, carrying the surface down in to the cavities left by the acidic water and cracks. This process causes a sinkhole to form. Sinkholes are common where limestone and other rocks are below the land surface.

Sinkholes can be formed from an artificial process as well, this resulting from human activity. Main water breaks and old pipes can collapse. Over-pumping and extraction from groundwater can also cause sinkholes. The excessive weight of the new material can cause the ground to simply collapse.

We use grout injections, cement grouting, or compaction grouting for sinkhole repairs. We are your sinkhole repair team in Tampa, Tallahassee, Orlando, and the Jacksonville area. In Florida, our compaction grouting can fix your sinking foundation. Contact us today and we’ll even give you an estimate!