Sinkhole Repair Jacksonville

Sinkholes are of great concern to homeownersSinkhole Repair Jacksonville, Sinkhole Repair Orlando in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. There are high levels of limestone under homes and businesses in Florida. Acidic rain falls to the ground and makes its way into the soil. As the water moves through the soil, it becomes more acidic because of the decaying plants and the absorption of carbon dioxide. Since limestone is very porous, this water erodes the limestone creating holes under the surface. Eventually the hole gets big enough to collapse creating what is called a sinkhole. Just a few hundred feet below the earth’s surface, limestone will naturally erode and is to be expected. Humans also cause sinkholes to happen because of withdrawal of surface water or creating ponds and drilling for wells.

When there is a heavy downpour of rain or flooding, you may need sinkhole repair. It is scary to think that your house may collapse into a sinkhole, but minor ones can be repaired making your home and family safe. There are signs that you may have a sinkhole that you should be aware of when examining your home’s foundation. They may look very much like other foundation repair needs. Foundation Professionals of Florida is just the company to come out and examine your foundation to see if you need sinkhole repair Jacksonville. When you start to notice sticking doors and windows and foundation cracks, this could be an indication that you have a sinkhole problem.You may also observe sloping floors. Another sign might be that the wall is separating from the ceiling.In your landscape you may see a circular pattern of ground cracks or that the plants die there because the water table is too low. Take a look at your fence to see if there are ups and downs. If you are one of the many homeowners in Florida that has a pool in the backyard, check it for cracks that makes the water level drop noticeably. These signs should make you stop and take a closer look as to what is going on with your foundation.

Sinkhole Repair Orlando

Sinkhole repair Orlando

If you have observed your foundation sinking or having cracks, you need to have a professional come and evaluate the situation. It is important to know what is happening underneath your house before moving forward on a plan of action. Once a plan has been developed, Foundation Professionals of Florida will use only the best products on the market made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). These products are used in unique situations where there is a need for piers and anchors. One option for sinkhole repair in Orlando is a form of grout injection. Cement grouting can be done to exact areas that need the support and fill the void. It mixes with the soft soils to create the support that is needed. Compaction grouting is different in that it displaces the soil and fills in with the mortar-like grout. It compacts the soil around the grout and creates a stable base once again.  You may have heard of one form of compaction grouting called low mobility grouting (LMG). Sinkhole repair in Orlando may possibly use this form of grouting. LMG rarely causes a disturbance on the job site, but does improve the deep foundation systems.

Sinkhole repair Jacksonville can be taken care of by Foundation Professionals of Florida. Our team will come to your home, evaluate your foundation concerns, and devise the best plan for your home and its safety.