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Sticking Doors and Windows in FL

Sticking door and window repair FLOne problem that many homeowners do not think to connect to foundation problems is sticking doors or windows. If you have doors or windows that are difficult to open or close, or have cracks and gaps around them, it may be a sign that your home is experiencing foundation failure. The culprit is usually a settling foundation. Other indicators of a settling foundation include:

  • Cracks in walls or floor
  • Uneven or sloped floors
  • Water leakage
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Gaps around windows or doors
  • Molding pulling away or cracking
  • Drywall cracks near windows or doors
  • Foundation cracks near windows or doors

There are many reasons that your foundation may be settling, anything from errors at the time of construction to excess water in the soil. Unfortunately, a sinking or settling foundation can throw off the balance of your entire home, making it difficult for the doors and windows to open properly and causing other problems throughout the house. The team at Foundation Professionals of Florida can provide you with all of the necessary solutions for your sticking doors or windows.

One cause of a settling foundation may be poor soil compaction. If the soil underneath the foundation was not properly packed during the construction process, it may shift and settle over time. This causes the foundation above to settle also, as it relies on the soil underneath it for support.

Another cause for foundation settlement is hydrostatic pressure in the soil. When there is a lot of rain, the soil around your foundation will absorb more water than normal. This causes an increase in hydrostatic pressure; if this increased pressure becomes great enough, it will push against the foundation, causing it to shift or settle.

Void formation under the foundation can also lead to settlement. Voids can be formed by erosion, which washes away soil under your foundation. They can also be formed from soil shrinkage, which is a result of dry, drought-like conditions. When these voids are formed, the lack of support beneath the foundation causes it to settle, and sometimes even to crack.

How To Fix Sticking Windows or Doors in Your Florida Home

repaired as soon as possible to prevent further issues. This can be done with underpinning services from Foundation Professionals of Florida. Underpinning is a repair method that involves the installation of helical piers or steel push piers to provide support and stability for the foundation. These piers are driven deep into the ground beneath the foundation until they reach the stable soils below the layers of shifting soil. Then, they are used to support the weight of the structure while lifting it to its original level. Once the foundation is lifted and supported, the windows and doors should no longer stick.

If you notice sticking windows or doors in your home, come to Foundation Professionals of Florida immediately. We will examine your home's foundation and determine the best solution. Contact us today for all of your foundation repair needs.

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