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Permeation grouting is the process of injecting cement or chemical-based grout into the ground, filling soil pores and turning granular soils into a solid mass with increased support capabilities.

Permeation grouting is a form of pressure grouting and is commonly used in granular soils with fine sand content to turn loose soils into a solid mass without disturbing them or causing a major change in soil volume. Permeation grouting is ideal in coastal regions with soil instability that causes problems during and after construction.

Grout can be injected using the permeation method at depths up to 60m or close to 200ft. Portland cement, microfine cement, sodium silicate, acrylate, or polyurethane grouts can be used to permeate soils.

Permeation Grouting

Common uses for permeation grouting:

  • Stiffen granular soils to prevent excessive movement
  • Lower permeability of soil reducing water inflows
  • Underpin structures adjacent to a planned excavation
  • Excavation support when sheet pile is not an option

Permeation grouting to prevent movement of granular soils

Water migration through loose, sandy soils, or poorly compacted fill results in erosion, movement, and loss of soils which leads to failure of nearby structures such as foundations, slabs, roadways, bridges, and more. Permeation grouting binds granular soil particles together into a solid mass with increased strength, stiffness, and reduced permeability.

Groundwater control with permeation grouting

Permeation grouting, as well as jet grouting, are widely used to control groundwater during underground projects – providing a measure of groundwater exclusion.

Simultaneously provide excavation support and underpin structures adjacent to the planned excavation

Permeation grouting serves a dual purpose on projects where an excavation is planned directly adjacent to the foundation of an existing structure – it underpins the existing structure and is an alternative/addition to sheet pile to prevent loss of supporting soil during excavation. Permeation grouting for excavation support is ideal when the vibrations from sheet pile installation would cause neighboring structures to settle.

At Foundation Professionals of Florida, we are experts in cement as well as chemical permeation grouting and have experience on projects large and small. Our fleet of specialized grouting equipment allows us to work in very tight and limited access spaces. We service 9 states including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia as well as the Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys.

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