Just like your home, your pool and pool deck can be affected by all problems due to shifting soils and varying moisture content in soils.

Some common pool and pool deck problems include:

  • pool deck problemsDipping/Sloping/Uneven Concrete Pool Deck: Settling pool decks can create a dangerous uneven surface. In the Orlando, FL area, settlement is a common problem due to ground movement and voids.
  • Concrete or Tile Pool or Pool Deck Cracks: Cracks in your pool or pool deck are usually caused by either improper construction of soil movement under the concrete, which is a common occurrence in Florida.
  • Loss of Pool Water: Cracks in your concrete pool may also result in loss of water and pool chemicals. This can be a huge loss of money for homeowners.
  • Separation at Coping: If the pool walls and the coping are separating, it could mean there is a larger disturbance in the ground under and around the pool. This can happen due to sinkholes and soil settlement.
  • Rough surface: Concrete surfaces are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to salt. Without water shoes on, rough concrete surfaces can cause bloody toes and feet.

There are several factors that cause pool and pool deck problems. Most of the time, these issues have something to do with settlement and soil movement. However, other issues are caused by the concrete itself. The most common causes of pool deck movement and other issues:

  • pool deck repairPoor Pool Construction: When the pool is constructed, the backfill material is improperly compacted. As a result, the soil settles and creates voids under the pool deck. Poor construction may also involve the wrong mix of concrete, leading to weak or rough concrete that wears easily.
  • Heavy Concrete Slab: Heavy concrete slab around the pool can cause loose soil to compress under the slab. This leads to settlement and sinking concrete surfaces.
  • Fluctuating Weather Patterns: Hot weather conditions and cold weather causes the concrete to expand and contract. Freeze and thaw conditions can also be a major factor.
  • Sinkhole Formation: When sinkholes form around your property or under your pool or deck, they can cause the soil and the ground surface above to shift. This leaves your pool and deck without adequate support, leading to settlement, cracking, and other issues.

We offer pool deck leveling services to lift and permanently stabilize your settling pool deck back to normal. We’ll help you avoid trip hazards and increase the longevity of your pool deck.

Concrete Pool Deck Repair Options in FL

Foundation Professionals of Florida offers concrete repair solutions for your pool deck. We can stabilize and level your pool deck by using compaction grouting or permeation grouting solutions.

Both methods are used to permanently lift and stabilize your concrete pool deck back to normal. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all pool problems in Florida. Don’t let your local handyman try to repair it. You need to contact a professional to make sure the job is done correctly and on time. Call us today for an estimate. We serve Orlando, Orange County, and the rest of Florida.

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