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garage column crackBecause of the large amount of limestone beneath Florida homes, sinking and settling of foundations and slabs is quite common. This means that most homeowners will experience some kind of foundation problem, though many won’t notice that there is a larger underlying problem. One common problem that is often overlooked is garage column cracks in Florida. Garage columns are the spaces between garage doors, often made of brick, that usually serve as a structural support. These columns can be as wide as a door or only a foot wide. Because these columns are often a support for the garage and any rooms or storage that may be above it, cracks in the columns should not be taken lightly. However, simply fixing the cracks may not be the best solution.

Garage Column Crack Solutions in Jacksonville, FL

If you’ve noticed garage column cracks, contact Foundation Pros. of Florida. Garage column cracks are generally caused by a shift in the soil beneath your garage’s slab, causing the slab to shift and crack. These shifts and cracks make the garage slab unstable and cause the garage columns to shift and crack as well. Because of their structural significance, a cracked garage column should be inspected immediately. Garage column cracks aren’t always the only sign that points to a need for repair. You may also notice slab cracks, stairs separating from the wall, or sticking doors and windows.

garage column crackFoundation Pros of Florida offers a few different options to repair garage column cracks Florida. Primarily, the cracks need to be filled with one of our high-strength injections designed to strengthen the garage column and seal all cracks. But if this is the only repair done, chances are you’ll experience more cracks in the future and the larger problem won’t go away. Helical piers or steel push piers are both options used to lift your slab and support it from beneath. With helical or steel push piers, when the soil beneath your slab shifts, your slab will have the proper support needed to keep it stable and immovable.

If you’ve noticed garage column cracks Florida in your garage, contact Foundation pros today for more information on our services to fix this and many other foundation problems. We want to help you keep your home looking great and keep it safe for you and your family. We serve the cities of Tallahassee, Lake City and Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.