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Void Filling

Prime Flex 985 is a two-component high strength structural polyurethane foam. It is mixed at a 1:1 ratio using a two-component pump and is often used to fill voids beneath concrete slabs or behind below grade concrete structures. Prime Flex 985 is available in 10-gallon units, 100-gallon units, or 600-gallon units. It is available in standard and fast set times as well as two different expansion ratios (LX 10 =ten times expansion and LX 20 =20 times expansion). Prime Flex 985 may be injected using our Flow Master air operated pump.

Precision Lift 3.5# is a two-component high strength structural foam designed for lifting slabs using our Precision Lift TM process. The method requires specialized equipment that heats, dispenses, and mixes the resin. The extremely rapid set time allows for precise control over the slab lifting operation to within an eighth of an inch (1/8″) or less of the desired level.

Void Fill, a Concrete Slab Repair Solution in Florida

The process of void filling is basically filling up spaces under your concrete that have formed as a result of soil erosion or when settling has occurred. The soil erosion occurs when water gets under your concrete slab then the slab starts to sink where the void is. If the soil under your foundation was not properly compacted in the first place, this will cause your concrete to sink as well.

Void Filling

Soil disruption around your foundation can also occur because of many “man-made” occurrences. In the last decade or so, more and more trenches are being made to bury water, sewer, cable, phone, and power lines underground. When the soil is not compacted properly after these things are done, this can cause settlement.

Foundation Professional of Florida uses polyurethane which is an advantage over other materials such as mudjacking. Using a polyurethane void fill material requires drilling smaller holes and fewer holes. The material fills the voids and stabilizes the concrete, avoiding vibrations and rocking. This high-density material is lightweight. As it is injected as a liquid, after 15 seconds it reaches its final volume into a foam material. After it is cured, it will never lose its density. This process of how polyurethane is delivered and the characteristics of it, allows it to cover a larger area in less time. The process of void fill using polyurethane can be done quickly and with minimal disruption. This process is done by either compaction grouting or permeation grouting.

Foundation Professionals of Florida has the experts and experience for any of your void fill needs in Florida. Replacing concrete can be costly. The elimination of raising and demolition, removal, and disruption of landscaping is worth the time to check into Foundation Professionals of Florida’s void fill process. Contact us for an estimate today. One of our professionals will answer your questions and explain the process of any of your void fill in Florida needs.