Hollow Bar Piles

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Hollow bar piles are small diameter hollow threaded bars equipped with a sacrificial drilling bit that allows for simultaneous drilling and grouting – resulting in reduced materials cost and high production rates.

Hollow bar piles, accepted by the FHWA in the Micropile Design and Construction Guidelines Manual, are gaining popularity for micropile applications. Reduced materials costs and high production rates are among the benefits of a single-step installation process. The hollow threaded bar equipped with a sacrificial drill bit (with grout ports) allows for simultaneous drilling and grouting – resulting in a skin friction grout column the entire length of the pile.

Hollow Bar Piles

Advantages of hollow bar piles:

  • Fast one-step installation
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Less equipment than conventional micropiles
  • Creates continuous grout friction column entire length of the pile
  • No casing required

Hollow bar piles only require a rotary or rotary-percussion drill and grout plant for installation – making them an ideal choice in areas with limited overhead access or clearance. Depending on the size, hollow bar piles have been shown to achieve capacities similar to conventional micropiles.

Foundation Professionals of Florida have extensive experience with hollow bar pile installation and we welcome the opportunity to bid on your next project. We service 9 states including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia as well as the Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys.

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