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What is cellular concrete?

Cellular concrete is made by mixing cement, water, and preformed foam. The result is something that resembles shaving cream. Cellular concrete is solid, but also lightweight and porous after curing. It’s not as dense as other types of concrete and this makes it useful for a variety of projects…

Cellular concrete helps foundations support heavier loads. In other words, it reduces the weight of the building on the subsoil which reduces the amount of foundation settlement.
Its flexibility makes it useful for filling and strengthening voids such as sinkholes.
Its sound-absorbing quality makes it a good option for the construction of sound-reducing barriers along highways.

Cellular concrete is also called concrete foam, foam cement, lightweight flowable fill, and cellular lightweight concrete.

Cellular Concrete Contractor in Florida

Foundation Professionals of Florida provides cellular concrete construction services across all of Florida including Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach and Miami. We are proud to source our material from Aerix Industries. Contact us today for an estimate on cellular concrete services.

Cellular Concrete Case Study

We recently completed a project for the FDOT to fill a void under a bridge on US17 in Clay County, Florida. The state needed to fill this void as quickly as possible to maintain the structural integrity of this essential roadway and reduce the potential for future soil settlement. Download the case study here.