Seawall Erosion Repair

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Seawall Erosion Repair

Florida beachfront homes often experience this issue: seawall erosion. Erosion is caused by many natural and man-made problems. Some erosion results from the very slow rise of the sea level. Another big natural factor is weather. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and other strong weather systems play largely into beach erosion.

Seawalls play an important part in keeping your beachfront property looking great. The function of seawalls is to minimize the erosion of soil particles into the water and serve as a form of defense between land and water. One of the main challenges of owning waterfront property is erosion caused by surges and tidal fluctuation. A seawall is an invaluable structure for those homeowners who live close to the water.

Once you see an area of your seawall starting to fail, it is time for seawall erosion repair. Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida for your seawall repair in Florida. Anywhere in Florida where seawall problems or bulkhead problems occur, we can assist.

Seawall and Bulkhead Repair Options

seawall erosion seawall repair

One of the economically feasible alternatives to repairing a distressed or failed seawall structure is Targeted Grout Injection–also known as TGI. The TGI solution consists of injecting a polyurethane resin through a 3/8″- ID port to stop leaks and to fill underground voids.

Our products are extremely thin liquid resins and react with moisture when injected into soil, forming a rock hard, water-tight mass. Prime Flex 910 is used to stabilize loose soils or sands, stop underground water flows and leaking sea walls. Prime Resins Products are inert and harmless to our environment. These products are ANCI/NSF certified for use in potable water tanks.

Other Erosion Control Options

Every home sits atop a very specific soil mixture. In Florida, it is not uncommon to have a soil/sand/limestone mixture. These materials, when not compacted enough, can cause your foundation to settle. Settling causes wall cracks, sloping floors, leaning chimneys, and a host of other problems. We can handle all these problems as well. We offer underpinning solutions such as helical piers that will lift your foundation back into place and add support and stability.

Our experienced personnel will assist you with your seawall repair issues which are caused by organic soils, swelling clay, poor compaction, improper footing, and erosion or runoff. We offer complete erosion control with services like seawall installation or repair, water management and drainage systems, and foundation lifting and void filling. Please contact any of our experts to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to working with you and being a part of your team.