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leaning chimneyA leaning chimney is a key indicator that your home is in need of foundation or slab repair. Your chimney, whether it is a full masonry chimney standing beside your house or a shorter chimney coming from your roof, is susceptible to shifts in soil and foundation because of the heavyweight placed on it. This heavyweight makes it even more dangerous for the chimney to shift and possibly collapse. If you’ve got a leaning chimney in Florida, chances are, your home’s foundation or slab is shifting. A shifting slab or foundation can cause various problems in your home, from sticking doors and windows to leaning or bowing walls. When the ground beneath your foundation or your chimney is not compacted correctly at the time of construction, the weight placed on it by your home and chimney is often too much. This causes the soil to sink and the foundation to sink with it, often cracking as it goes. This causes your chimney to shift dangerously.

Leaning Chimney Repair for Homes in FL

leaning chimney

A leaning chimney, whether the gap left is big or small, is a safety hazard. It could fall into your home or any structures around it. Homeowners that try to fix the problem themselves, often by filling in the space between the house and the chimney or attempting to support the leaning chimney, either make the problem worse or allow the problem to get worse over time. The best thing to do with a leaning chimney is contact experienced contractors, such as Foundation Pros, to come in and fix the underlying problem – your foundation.

Helical piers or steel piers can be installed underneath your home and chimney to lift them back to their original levels. These piers are used in both commercial and residential structures to keep the chimney on a stable plane, regardless of shifts in the soil beneath it. The piers can add the support needed for your chimney’s stability, fixing the lean and keeping it from leaning in the future. If you’ve got a leaning chimney Florida, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida. We are your leaning chimney Florida repair specialists.