Structural Crack Repair

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Structural Crack Repair

Do you have rotten beams, cracks, water leaks and other foundation issues in your Florida home? These issues often lead to structural defects. One of the most common structural problem is wall rotation caused by expansive soils in the Florida area. Because of Florida’s geological history, the surface soils that support structures consist of clay and loose sands. Areas of the home may settle and crack due to washed out footings. Over time, excess moisture can promote mold growth on wood, drywall and other surfaces. Regardless of what is causing your structural issues, they must be addressed before the problem gets worse. Let Foundation Pros of FL come to your rescue. We use the latest underpinning methods to stabilize, straighten and support walls.

Since most structural damage can go undetected for years, the best indicator is the roof. Check to see if the ridge is straight. If it sags, the load-bearing walls may have shifted. Are the shingles missing? Are there loose nails? These issues may lead to water seepage, causing structural separation. Also, inspect the walls to see if they are vertical and straight. Structural issues in the home may include:

  • Sagging ceilings
  • Sloping floors
  • Walls bowing inward or outward
  • Crack window panes
  • Chimney separating from wall
  • Wet insulation
  • Loose knee braces
  • Hard to open and close doors and windows
  • Damaged electrical circuits or gas lines

Check to see if the structure meets with its foundation. If you notice any of these issues, contact our professionals right away. Structural repairs are not a DIY project because they require certain permits, warranties and expertise.

Check for structural cracks as well. Cracks occur for a multitude of reasons and are a common problem in the state of Florida. Concrete shrinks and expands based on the weather, temperature, and water in the soil. If your home was built on uncompacted soil, this can also cause the soil to settle, which can cause your foundation to settle, thus cracks can form during this movement. Since we live in Florida, limestone comes into play as well. The rain has a small level of acid in it, which breaks down the limestone, causing settling of your foundation. If you add on to your home, the extra weight can even cause cracks in your foundation. If you see these signs, your best bet is to trust the structural engineers Florida team of Foundation Pros with their pressure injection process and tools from Prime Resins.

Structural Solutions in Florida

Fortunately, we offer premium foundation repair for both residential and commercial structures. We can handle all sorts of jobs, from crack repair, to larger structural repair work. Our team uses ECP piers and Prime Resin injection materials, the best in the business, to ensure that your structure remains stable for years to come.

Structural Crack Repair

Structural cracks in concrete are repaired by pressure injection of our Prime Rez series of epoxy injection resins from Prime Resins. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the basics are the same. No matter what the fix count on the structural engineers at Foundation Professionals of Florida. They are your structural repair Florida experts.

For other structural problems, we offer a variety of underpinning solutions. These underpinning techniques with steel piers and helical piers from Earth Contact Products help to stabilize the foundation, fixing other problems throughout the structure that have been caused by foundation damage. We also offer other solutions, such as seawall repair or installation, waterproofing, and crawlspace encapsulation, to tackle any issue your structure has. We can lift foundations to close cracks and even sloping floors, prevent water damage, and waterproof crawlspaces with our various solutions. Contact us today to find the best solution to your structural cracks or damage in the state of Florida.