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Are your concrete slabs settling or rocking? They can be stabilized by injecting some structural polyurethane foam into your voids that are beneath your concrete slabs. The good thing is that your concrete slab can be lifted back to its original position. We can lift your slab by using our Precision Lift process. City sidewalks in Tampa Florida tend to shift and crack. This makes it difficult to walk on. This most often happens because of tree root growth. Slab lifting of the sidewalk is the best solution for a sidewalk problem.

Slab Repair in Florida

Slab Lifting and LevelingFlorida homeowners often experience cracks and settlement of their concrete slabs. Due to the limestone in the ground or poorly compacted soil beneath the slab, this occurrence is relatively common. We offer underpinning solutions and injection solutions to resolve your slab repair Florida needs. These underpinning tools are called helical slab brackets. These brackets can be installed easily, and are meant to supply years of support. They are used in conjunction with helical piers. The bracket is installed on top of the helical pier to add strength to your concrete slab. They can be used on floating or poured on grade slabs.

If you are looking to stabilize your slab it can be done by using our PrimeFlex 985 series of high-quality products. They are foam resins that are injected using a two-component pump. If you have a simple project we can use our PrimeFlex 985 and inject it at ambient temperature using Flowmaster 1:1 mix. Our PrimeFlex 985 will flow and fill the voids and cavities. The foam will fully expand and be traffic ready in only 15 minutes. It can withstand even heavy traffic loads.

Your slab for your home or garage is a supporting structure for the whole house. Don’t wait if you notice sloping or cracks. Remember also that sinkholes are common in the Florida area, so if you notice cracks, it is time to contact our team. We won’t mess around when it comes to slab repairs, it is our priority to provide the correct fix for your slab repair Florida needs. Contact us today for more information, or an appointment for an inspection and estimate.

Precision Lift

There comes a time when you need to lift a concrete highway, building, or warehouse floor because of settlement problems. We can do this using our two-step system. We first make sure the sub-grade is consolidated. We do this by filling in the voids and loosely compacting the soil. We can choose to do this using either compaction grouting or permeation grouting. Compaction grouting is a process where we rapidly expand polyurethane foam and inject it into the ground. This foam will fill the voids and compact the surrounding soil using expansive pressure. This compaction grouting is done with any Precision Lift series, products wise.

Slab Lifting and LevelingIf we use permeation grouting, the process is a little slower because of the slower reacting foam that is injected into the soil. It then permeated the soil before it expands. Once it is cured. Prime Flex will glue the soil particles together. We use Prime Flex 910 for permeation grouting. Another two components is using Prime Flex 920 and Hydro Gel SX.

Once all of your stabilization is done we move on to the second step, the Precision Lift process. In this process, we use rapidly expanding foam that is injected underneath the slab in short bursts. With this, we can then control the slab lift. With our special equipment, we are able to lift the slab. Our staff is well trained on this process. If you have any questions on any kind of structural repair or foundation repair in Tampa Florida or anywhere in Florida for that matter give us a call today!