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Foundation problems in Florida can lead to a variety of structural cracks in your home. If you suspect that your home or business is suffering from foundation failure, be sure to examine both the interior and exterior. Look for the following kinds of cracks.

Wall Cracks

wall cracksWall cracks can appear in the interior or exterior walls of your home. If you see cracks in your drywall, they might be just a normal sign of aging. However, they can also indicate foundation failure. Deep cracks and cracks that appear near windows or doors or extend onto the ceiling might be signs of foundation failure. In exterior walls, watch for horizontal cracks or deep stair-step shaped cracks in brick or masonry. Cracks in basement walls are often a sign of foundation failure as well.

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Ceiling Cracks

ceiling cracksAre there cracks in your ceiling? Once again, these might not always indicate a major foundation problem. Sometimes, cracks in the ceiling are simply a sign that your home is aging. However, if the cracks are long and deep or if they extend down onto the walls below, they might be a sign of foundation failure. Examine the cracks in your ceiling and note if there are any wider than 1/16 of an inch or whether there are any located near the corners of the room or near doors and windows.

Foundation Cracks

foundation cracksAre there cracks in the foundation of your home or business? Some fine cracks in concrete are usually nothing to be concerned about, but any significant foundation cracks are bad news. Cracks in your foundation are usually caused by shifting or settling soils under the structure. As soils move, they fail to provide support for the building, causing the foundation to crack under the pressure. Look for horizontal cracks, stair-step shaped cracks, and cracks near windows or doors. Call our team to help right away!

Concrete Slab Cracks

concrete slab cracksIf you have a concrete slab foundation, it is prone to cracking under certain conditions – shifting soil, erosion, sinkhole formation, soil settlement, etc. Other concrete slabs, such as your pool deck or patio, are also likely to develop cracks as the soil beneath them shifts or if moisture content in the soils changes too much. We offer repairs to close these cracks by underpinning the foundation with foundation piers or injecting polyurethane grout under the slab to lift it.