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Curtain grouting is a permanent waterproofing technique that stops multiple leaks simultaneously in underground structures such as manholes, basements, tunnels, parking garages and more.

Curtain grouting can be traced all the way back to the 1890s as a method to control seepage in rock masses under and around dams. Today, this concept of groundwater control has been adapted to waterproofing for basements, manholes, tunnels, parking garages, and other underground structures. Curtain grouting has been shown to stop leaks flowing at up to 15,000 gallons per minute.

Typically, curtain grouting in the above mentioned structures is accomplished by drilling holes about 2-3’ apart from the interior of the structure and injecting an acrylic grout or expansive foam from the lowest holes upward. The injected grout forms a barrier around the structure that isolates it from groundwater, stopping active leaks and preventing future leaks.

Curtain Grouting

Common uses for curtain grouting:

  • Eliminate active leaks in underground structures
  • Stop leaks flowing at thousands of gallons per minute
  • Stop multiple leaks simultaneously
  • Effective when excavation is cost-prohibitive
  • Stabilize and strengthen soils around structures
  • Fill underground voids

Eliminating active leaks in underground structures

The hydrophobic chemical grouts used in curtain grouting actively repel water, pushing it further back into the substrate. Polyurethanes are a common choice for curtain grouting. A hydrophobic polyurethane grout will not dilute with the presence of water and is ideal for the sealing of gushing leaks.

Impressive performance and adaptability of chemical grouts

Curtain grouting with chemical grouts has proven successful in stopping leaks of up to 15,000 gallons per minute. Rigid hydrophobic chemical grouts retain their strength, size, and impermeability under almost all soil conditions.

Ideal when dealing with a brick/block wall with numerous joints

The numerous joints in brick manholes and block basement walls make crack injection a very time-consuming process often with new leaks appearing for each leak you fix. With curtain grouting, multiple leaks can be sealed simultaneously by creating an outer barrier, preventing groundwater from making contact with the structure in the future.

Cost-effective alternative to excavation

Curtain grouting does not require excavation, resulting in cost and time savings.

Simultaneously compact and strengthen soil around the structure

When injected into loose soils, the polyurethane foam compacts and binds soil particles together creating a rock hard impermeable mass.

Fill underground voids

During the curtain grouting process, any voids in the soil adjacent to the structure’s outer walls will be filled while expelling any present water-reducing or eliminating hydrostatic pressure on the structure.

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