Cement Grouting

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Cement grouting or “slurry” grouting is used to fill underground voids, underpin foundations, to strengthen granular soils, and more.

Cement grouting is also known as slurry grouting or high mobility grouting. Cement grouting is an effective method for filling pores in granular soil or voids in rock/soil, with flowable particulate grouts. Different cement grouts include Portland cement, microfine, and ultrafine cement grout. The particle size needed depends on the soil conditions and must match the void size to allow for either proper permeation or compaction.

Cement Grouting

Common uses for cement grouting:

  • Create barriers to groundwater flow
  • Underpin foundation
  • Provide excavation support
  • Stabilize and strengthen granular soils
  • Fill underground voids

Cement grouting for controlling groundwater flow

Cement grout can be used to control groundwater flow in situations where excavation is needed below the water table or to prevent seepage underneath dams and levees. Cement grouting can also be used to stop groundwater from leaking into basements. Cement grout injections around the perimeter of the basement (and sometimes underneath the basement) create a barrier that prevents groundwater from entering the basement structure.

Cement grouting for foundation underpinning

Cement grouting can be an effective alternative to standard underpinning methods such as pilings because it does not require structural connections and can often be completed with minimal disruptions to homeowner routine or facility operations.

Cement grouting for excavation support

Cement grouting can be an effective solution when providing excavation support when the vibrations from driving sheet pile would cause nearby structures to settle.

Cement grouting for soil stabilization

Cement grouts are an effective and long-lasting solution for strengthening granular soils including gravel and sand. Portland cement can be used to compact loose soils and fill voids, while ultrafine and micro-fine cement can be used to permeate granular soils creating a cemented mass with increased soil bearing capacity.

Cement grouting to fill underground voids

Cement grouting with Portland cement is a common solution for filling underground voids. Grout is injected through port pipes that are drilled into place at and near the void locations.

At Foundation Professionals of Florida, we have specialized nimble equipment that allows us to inject cement grout in tight spaces with limited overhead clearance. We service 9 states including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia as well as the Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys.

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